Unlocking Funding Opportunities for Climate Change Projects

At ABCAN, we understand the importance of securing funding for climate change projects. Whether you are just starting out or need a boost for your existing initiatives, we are here to help. Our team can assist you in identifying potential funding sources and provide seed funding to kickstart your projects in the Argyll & Bute.

Fund Your Climate Project

As well as being able to help you identify potential funding sources, ABCAN also has funding available as seed funding for new projects in Argyll & Bute.

Previously funded work in Argyll and Bute


With the funding we were able to help 144 people. Some people received a full Cosy Kit consisting of a bag of thermal socks hot water bottles blankets and energy information leaflets. Some people only took the item they required e.g. 1 hot water bottle. People receiving the items were attendees of foodbanks carer groups addictions recovery cafes and community cafes.
The people receiving the kits can sometimes find it hard to engage with services and climate action activities. By giving them a Cosy Kit they were made aware of energy efficiency and our energy advice service. The Cosy Kits are a good engagement tool to help people step forward and ask for our help. Our advice made them aware of how they can save money on energy by reducing their energy demand and therefore reducing their carbon emissions. Their driver for action is poverty but a positive outcome of their behavioral change is their contribution to climate mitigation

Seil Biodiversity CIC

To date our group has been able to involve our community in climate action work parties at minimal cost but this fund has enabled us to invest in equipment that will help us grow healthy trees from local seed sources for replanting locally.  It has helped us to demonstrate to our community how we can all help to address the challenges of climate change on Seil positively and contribute towards global biodiversity and climate goals.  We also get a bit of exercise and fun!
We now have 1500 tree seedlings growing on in the best possible conditions for healthy growth.  They will be ready for transplanting  to areas of Seil that have little or no woodland regeneration potential in 2026.  We will gather more seed this autumn and in the future in anticipation of increasing numbers of landowners choosing to participate in Seil’s woodland regeneration.  We hope that as the demand for local trees rises we will be able to contribute to the supply of trees which have been locally sourced and grown and this funding has got us off to a great start.

Iona Energy ltd

The Iona Heat Network is innovative and therefore put through enormous amounts of scrutiny: Government and funders all want to support innovation but with innovative projects are also particularly concerned about risks. The ABCAN funding has been critical because it has resourced the team to respond to this issue providing evidence and ensuring direct interest and involvement of the MSP Minister and others in Scottish Government. A major positive effect of this funding therefore has been to empower a tiny island project team to assert the evidence and community voice to increase the profile of the project and secure highest level attention to it. 

Colglen Growers

The £1500 ABCAN grant money was used as envisaged and as detailed in our proposal. The seed money will stimulate further fund raising and expenditure by the end of this year.
Through the ABCAN project we have realised that there is a pool of untapped local knowledge that can help us grow more better. We also realise that there  are a number of complementary environmental climate- and food-related initiatives underway that would be good to link up with.
While there is much emodied knowledge and experience within the Growers we do not have a monopoly on how best to do things. In the case of the Glendaruel Growers for example we had overcomplicated the solutions to water supply issues which when we reached out to others in the community were solved more simply and more cheaply.    

Tayvallich Initiative Ltd

Our main successes to date have been that we have actually planted trees and started the new community orchard with the help of this grant. Here is a wee report from our lead volunteer Sally:
“The community spirit is great a neighbour offered to pick up the manure bags from my garden and take them in her pick-up just happened that an 80 yr old member of the group and another friend were passing by and instantly were there helping load up (thankfully there were a few lighter bits for the older lady)  The pick up lady is keen to help and does so out with the work parties picking up and delivering seaweed and suchlike she enjoys and gets satisfaction of doing ‘jobs’.
One of the group has said more than once that she just enjoys the company as long as I tell her what to do she is happy to get on with it she says she lives by herself and coming out really brings her joy.  There was lots of chat about how enjoyable it was planting the trees the sun was out properly for one of the first time this year the wind had gone and it was just a lovely time.
There are now plans for more trees and building of raised beds for planting vegetables. Some planting of potatoes in sacks has happened. The group are also planning out the site in more detail and would like a tea shed composting toilet polycrub composting area etc. This is getting mapped out and an application for planning consent will be made in coming months. The ABCAN grant has really kick started this food growing initiative and we are most grateful for the opportunity.

Fun First

We have had very good attendance at our outdoor parties although these have not been specifically climate-related. We believe that encouraging young people to enjoy the outdoors is the first step in establishing the next generation of climate activists.
Part of the research for this project has come from feedback from families post pandemic who want to spend more time outside with their children. We have generated a lot of buzz and excitement for the start of these sessions.  We are looking forward to launching these sessions and inspiring our local families to engage with the discourse around climate change as well at playing a role in safeguarding our local environment.
Whilst we have been eager to start these sessions before the Summer we have learnt from prior experiences that by taking the time to invest in training and proper planning will result in more efficient and successful sessions.  We have included photos from our first day of training to show some of the wonderful activities that we will be able to provide our local families. 

Grey Matters Active Ageing

Previously to get about we would have used cars or even use less eco friendly coaches. The transition to using public transport was daunting for many. One lady hadn’t been on a train in years. She had a fear of the gap between the train and the platform and with support from the group she has overcome this and has ventured out many times since. She has saved money by not using taxis and its better for the environment so it a win win!
Another member said ‘ I cant believe how easy it is to get about on public transport. its great because we can all sit and chat and its not only greener but friendlier mode of travel’
Another member who made Wax Wraps said ‘ I just love these I have given some to my son and my daughter. They have been using them to take sandwiches to work and I’ve been using mine to cover my leftovers. They are keeping my food fresh and out the bin and I’m not using plastic wrap. Plus it was also great fun to make!’

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